Spikey Do's!

We were going to Macaroni Grill for Auntie Sarah's birthday.

She loves it when little boys have their hair spikey, so we did the boys hair crazy spikey just for her this day!!I like this one so much that I use it as my desktop on my laptop.


Timpanogos Cave Hike

We stopped off the side of the path in the only little piece of shade that was around to take a break.

We FINALLY made it to the top!!

This is inside the cave.
The cave walls were so cool ... figuratively and literally!
NOTE: make sure you take a sweatshirt no matter how
hot it is outside!! It is a little chilly inside the cave.

This hike took us 3 hours roundtrip (this includes a 1/2 hour tour of the caves). Ethan is totally my hero after this; he did the entire hike up and down all by himself!! Even when Jesse offered him a piggy back ride for a little bit he refused. Jacob did pretty good as well, he did almost half of it by himself. After we were done with the hike, the boys wanted to come back the next day and do it again.
This is going to be a new annual summer tradition of our family.


Party at the Fredrick's!

In 2001 when we lived in San Jose, California in our first family ward after we were married; there were a bunch of us newlyweds that were expecting our 1st child all within months and even days of each other. Alex Delaney was born the day before Ethan. In fact, they were born in the same hospital (Good Samaritan) and the Delaney's were only two doors up from us.

Over the last few years some of us have moved out to Utah. Thanks to the Fredrick's for letting us and ALL of our kids that live out here now come hang out and have dinner at their home!
It is so fun to see how much these kiddos grow over the years!!Here are 4 of them from the original group.
Sierra - Ethan - Alex - Jane

This is our ever expanding group, all the kids that were there that night.

It is so much fun to see the population size of our families increase!

These are the beautiful mom's of these adorable kids!!