Jen's new hair

Okay, I have had my annual 'hairstyle change' itch for the past few days. So I went and got it chopped off and highlighted.
For those that know me, I'll more than likely have a completely different hairstyle about a year from now :D


Ice Skating ... attempted

So we attempted ice skating with the boys for the first time ... and this family activity won't be attempted again for a few years! The boys did not enjoy it too much!! But hey, at least they tried it. We went with Debra's family (one of Jen's sisters).

Jen & Deb

Cute boys!!

When I walked out into the living room this morning this is the scene I came out to ... both of them cuddled together on the big chair.
Then when they noticed me taking pictures of them Ethan got cheesy and Jacob was doing scary faces at me for some reason. Love you cute boys!!


The results ....

Here are the results of Ethan & Jen's ceramics from our date.


Jen & Ethan's Date Night

For New Years Eve we got to spend the evening at our friends home (Trump's) and have a game night and lots of yummy treats!! At midnight all of the kids went out side to bang pots & pans and do poppers. What fun! Thanks Trump Family!!

For New Years Day, Ethan & mom (Jen) went on a date to
'Color Me Mine' where we got to pick out our own piece of ceramic pottery and then paint it.

Ethan got bored while waiting for mom to finish her kettle, so he started taking pictures of himself :D
Our almost finished products. We had to leave them until Monday night so they can get fired and become shiney and really bright dark colors ... stay tuned for the next posting of our completed project!

Love you Ethan Shmeethan! Thanks for the fun night out!!


Super Sledding!!

The day after Christmas we went sledding with Jen's sisters family: Deb, Brandon, Cam & Kayla

Jesse & Ethan

Ethan, Cam, Kayla & Jacob
Rock Canyon Park near the Provo Temple. It is like this giant bowl that you can sled inside the bowl and on the outside.


Christmas at Home

We had a nice & relaxing Christmas at home with just our little family.
The top gift was for sure the Wii!!

Jen made Christmas breakfast:
Panettone French Toast with blueberry syrup & powdered sugar, fluffy eggs, sausage and orange juice.She made Christmas dinner too ... sorry, no pictures of that.

6 Foot Snowman!

Jesse made his first snowman.
He made it 6 feet tall and it took him 2 hours.
Jess even put real coal on for the eyes! He was so fat that the scarf wouldn't even fit all the way around his neck.

Jacob helped out a bit with a couple piles of snow.
Ethan wanted to build his own, but gave up and went for just doing snow angels.
Then they gave up after an hour and came in for hot chocolate.

The results ....
Good job Jess!


Santa's Reindeer not forgotten!

The boys sprinkled a mixture of glitter & oats for Santa's reindeer on the snow on Christmas Eve. The glitter is so it will sparkle in the moonlight for the reindeer to see in the night to find our house and the oats (oatmeal) is a snack for them while Santa puts the presents under the tree.


Cropper Christmas

We went to Grandma Nez's for our Cropper Christmas party.
It was fun and LOTS of yummy food!!

Grandma Nez & Jacob

Here is the food I made for it:
Pumkin Crumble (thanks for the great recipe Katie!)
Scalloped Potato's
Cranberry, White Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Cookies
Auntie Deb, Mia, Jacob, Ethan


Bowling 1st timers ....

Jesse took the boys bowling for their first time while I had to stay home and study for school. Sad ... I missed their first time bowling! They loved it though!!

Their cousins (Cam & Kayla) met them there too.

Here are their final scores.
(top: Ethan, middle: Jacob, bottom: Jesse)


Happy Holidays 2008!!

Here are our Christmas Decorations this year.

Wreaths like this that were pre-made at Michaels craft store were available for around $30/each. TOO much for me!
I made TWO of these wreaths for $12.00 total ... yes,
that is $6.00/each!
I (Jen) put the lights & ribbon on myself. Then I let Ethan & Jacob put the decorations on all by themselves where ever they wanted. After they went to bed I only moved a few towards the top that they had clumped at the bottom.


Cropper Cousins - updated group

This cousin picture includes the newest addition ... Cole.

Later next year there will be 3 more cousins to add to the clan.
Congratulations Bev, Becky & Chaleen (Graig Jr.'s wife)!