Cropper Family (Jen's Family) - Dec. 2007

This photo was taken without a photographer!!
My (Jen's ) camera was just put on a tripod and all of the kids actually looked at it!

Cropper Cousins
It was freezing this day ... especially without jackets!!

Cropper Siblings
Sarah (youngest), Becky (3rd), Jen (oldest), Bev (2nd),
Debra (4th), Graig Jr. (5th)
**notice Graig's hand in his pocket while his sisters are holding him!! That's how much he trusts them!!

Parents/Grandparents of these cute kids!
Lewisa & Graig
(sorry, this photo is a bit blurry)

Singin' to the Radio!

A funny thing happened to me (Jen) today.

This afternoon with 95 degree weather and a nice breeze, I had the car windows down with the radio turned up. I was at a stop light and singing to the radio louder than I realized. After a couple minutes of sitting there I heard clapping and whistling coming from a truck next to me. I looked over and it was from two (cute) guys listening to me.

Just had to share this since nothing like that has happened to me before.


Jacob's Accomplishments

After Jacob saw Ethan's artwork from 1st grade posted on here, he wanted his own artwork posted.
So just for you Jacob; love ya cutie!!


Congratulations Sarah & Adam!!

We just had a baby shower for my youngest sister today. Her and her husband Adam are expecting their first child (a boy!) end of September. We are all very excited for them!! She is such a beautiful pregnant lady!
Ethan & Jacob want to know when the doctor will give me another baby ... girl.


Liberty Land

We took the boys to a new fun center that recently opened. They had a lot of fun rides for the little kids. The boys drove go-karts for the first time, that was their favorite thing to do!!