Back to School ... Ethan's first day of 2nd Grade

Ethan, Cam and Kayla
Ethan & Cam are in Miss Green's 2nd grade class together.
Kayla is in Mrs. Rich's (formerly Miss Zulauf) 1st grade class that Ethan & Cam were in last year.

Jacob wants to go to the same school with all of them SOOO badly. He is desperately bored and lonely just being with mom!! As soon as the kids are in school, after 1/2 an hour starts "mom, is Ethan out of school yet?!" ... poor Jacob! Nice to know he loves and misses his brother so much!

After school the boys and I went to Arctic Circle for an ice cream outing.


Memories of Ethan & California Friends ...

April 2002
Ethan & some of his friends that were born
within just days - weeks - months from each other.

Ethan was the tubby little guy! He was
so cute and had the most adorable giggle!

9 months old


Woogi World - new online community for kids

I thought I would give a plug for a new online community place for kids that was reported on the news today from KUTV 2 News. It was invented by a Provo, Utah dad because he was tired of his own elementary kids playing games that had no educational use and did not like the content of them.

In this online community kids learn math, English and science without even realizing it.
You can read more details about it at: Woogi World news report
The link to the online community for kids is: http://www.woogiworld.com/


"Whose team do you want to be on?" asked Ethan

The other day I was in the living room while Ethan & Jacob were in the kitchen. Jacob had done something mean to Ethan. Ethan didn't raise his voice to Jacob at all. He just calmly told Jacob that was not a nice thing to do and asked Jacob, "whose team do you want to be on, Jesus or Satan?". And went on to tell Jacob, "because when you do mean things then you are on Satan's team and if you want to be on Jesus' team you need to be nice".

Jacob responded with, "I am going to pretend to be on Satan's team and (while holding up two little fists) then beat him up, then I will be on Jesus' team!".

They both had great big smiles on their faces while giggling after Jacob's commentary.


Alex's 7th Birthday Party!!

Ethan & Alex
(Alex was born the day before Ethan in the same hospital in California)