Cornbelly's Corn Maze

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Annual Cornbelly Corn Maze. The boys loved the fast slide, 4-wheeler bikes, corn maze and the other fun activities.


"Need some tape.", said Jacob

This morning Jacob took this bell pepper out of the fridge and accidentally dropped it on the floor. When he picked it up he saw this big crack in it and starred at it for a few seconds before saying, "uh, I need some tape".

No we didn't tape it. I just told him we would keep it safe in the fridge and have it for dinner ... you know that 5 second rule

Both Ethan & Jacob think tape, glue and batteries will fix anything.


Witchy Wee Ones!

This past Saturday we went to Gardner Village for their annual Witch Festival with the Trump family. It was fun to see all the different witches and costumes!
Adorable Trump Girls & Spooky Willhite Boys

A lot of the women that work there dress up as witches. So someone thought that I worked there too. Guess my costume was that good! : )

Here are some of the witches playing baseball.


Costume Portraits

Here are Ethan & Jacob's portrayals of how their costumes look.
They both did a pretty good job on them.
Ethan: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Jacob: Green Skeleton


Jacob's Self-Photography

Oops, what did I just do??

Oh yeah, took a picture of myself! Say, "Cheese!!"

Jacob the Artist

Here is some Jacob artwork for your enjoyment.Apple Stamping technique

Bouncy Ball technique

Paint Brush technique


Rowley Farms - Pumpkin Pickin'

We had a fun afternoon in Santaquin at fun farm where we took a hayride out to get pumpkins. Afterwards we all shared a yummy pumpkin pie and pumpkin pie ice cream. Our pumpkins we each chose.

The boys helping dad out with a pumpkin.

Jen & the Boys on our hayride

Two cute brothers!

My 3 Pumpkins!


Things to come this winter!

We woke up to this in the morning. It is already starting!
This is going to be our 3rd winter in the snow and we are still not used to 'living' in it yet.


Mayan Adventure

Our friends the Schofield's came down this weekend from Idaho to attend a funeral for the husband of a friend of Jesse & Larry's that they grew up with in Sunnyvale, California. We are sorry it was for such a sad occasion but are glad they were able to stay with us!

Chelsea, Larry, Jesse, Jen
Jacob & baby Lilah
picture taken by: Ethan ... good job buddy!

Before Larry & Chels left we took them to a fun restraunt, Mayan Adventure.
It is like dinner & a couple shows (at no extra charge).

At the bottom these divers dive into a small pool of water.

Boys at the bottom where the pool is at.

Jen & Chels
Yep Sarah, I got my mixed drink there too; and it was good ; )