Boys Summer Do's

Here is Jacob's mohawk for the summer while not in school ....

Just kidding!! Here are both Ethan and Jacob's real summer do's.

They both wanted their heads shaved completely bald like their friends dad, but Jesse said "no, because your heads will get sunburned!". They were sad for a little bit, but they got over it and they love their hair so short for the summer and so their mom doesn't put gel in their hair.
Jacob doesn't like his hair to be spikey with hair gel because the girls at his preschool told him it looks cool like that and he doesn't want them to like it ... silly boy. :)
Ethan on the other hand just doesn't like the feeling of gel on his head!


Oremfest - 2008

We went for the parade at the Oremfest this year and stayed for the fireworks.
I threw in some pictures of the boys getting mad at each other ... hey, life isn't always roses!!


Horseback Riding

I (Jen) have been helping out at a ranch just south of Provo with their horses.
We have been able to take the boys out to learn how to take care of the horses and get to ride them, which has been a fun experience for them. You can see pics below of them.
(in case you wonder who the third boy is in the pictures, it is Ethan & Jacob's cousin Cameron).
Which leads me into my (Jen) experience today. The horse I was riding today (in an outdoor arena) got spooked and started to bolt, then was bucking around. The guy (Rory, pictured below) I was riding with said that I squeezed my legs together so I wouldn't fall off, which got him to stop bucking but made him take off on a dead run. I kept hearing Rory yelling at me to turn him (this will make the horse turn in a circle and tire them out until it stops) ... this is easier said than done though when you have a horse on the run and your adrenaline going!
The horse was headed straight for a 5 foot metal fence and it was getting closer and closer. I was just thinking that I didn't want the horse to put the breaks on when he gets to the fence and have me fly over the him AND the fence. So instead of getting thrown by the horse I made myself fall off the horse. The other guy said I slid on my back (head first) about 4 feet until my head hit the metal bar on the fence. I opened my eyes and just saw this huge cloud of dust with Rory headed toward me. I got the wind knocked out of me pretty good, but after a few minutes I jumped back onto a different horse that is calmer so that my confidence wouldn't be broken. Amazingly I was calmer and wasn't as scared as I think I should have been!

Luckily I walked away with only a couple jammed fingers, concussion, bruised and dirt/rock rash on my back! Yes, I will still be going back. Not back on that horse though!

Which Austen Heroine are you?

This quiz was on my friend, Chelsey's blog and I thought I would try it out. It says that I am Elinor Dashwood. After reading her personality description and the other women's personalities, this does best match mine:
Are practical, circumspect and discreet. Though you are tremendously sensible and allow your head to rule, you have a deep, emotional side that few people often see.
One trait I wish I had was a quick wit, mine is more like "a day late wit" ... and then it is too late!
P.S. Just didn't want you to think that Jesse took this quiz and posted it. ;)
I am Elinor Dashwood!


Future Dentist??

April 2008
Here is Jacob assisting Jesse in cleaning Ethan's teeth.

As soon as Jesse left the room, Jacob put on his mask and hopped up in the chair with the mouth mirror to be the dentist.

Jacob LOVES going to dad's dental office!
He says he wants to stay ALL day!


FINALLY joining the Blogging world!!

After seeing so many of your fun blogs and receiving requests for family updates, we have decided to join the rest of you in the blog world! This will be better for a more permanent place to post our updates and happenings.

I am going to start with posting highlights from the past year.