Thanksgiving Point Gardens

My mom & I went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens in Lehi, UT today for our first time.
From the front of the building of the Visitor Center you would never know it was that big and that these amazing grounds were even there. If you ever get a chance to visit it you should!!


Swim Class

Ethan & Jacob did their annual swim class with their cousins.

Ethan's last day of school

What a fun year 1st grade has been for Ethan and all of the great friends he has made! We have also loved his teacher Miss Zulauf and congratulate her on her marriage this summer!

Ethan's report card 2007-2008

Penguins eat fish ...

Here is a piece of artwork that Ethan brought home today that he did back in January. I thought it was too cute not to post!!Instead of saving ALL of the boys pieces of artwork, I (or the boys) just take photos of the art and save for them that way.

Ethan's 1st Eye Glasses!

Ethan got his first pair of reading glasses that he picked out all on his own. You can't really tell from the picture, but the frames are a shiny dark blue color. It's funny that he picked these shaped frames, because both his mom and dad have the same shape.
Doesn't he look so studios and cute?!!


Mother's Day ~ May 2008

We went to dinner at the Cracker Barrel with Jen's side of the family (The Cropper's).